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lugubrious when writing. remember, the spin stops here. we areooking out for you. >> tonight one week after the deadly bombings that cull my natured with a dramatic manhunt dzhokhar tsarnaev was read his miranda rights. the special agent who filed the complaint would that according to surveillance footage. younger suspect lifted the phone to his ear shortly about before the second blast. after he finishes you see people around him react to the first explosion. bomber two virtually alone in
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front of the individuals in front of the restaurant while he appears calm. he walks away without his knapsack, having left it on the ground where he had been standing. approximately ten seconds later an explosion occurs in that location where bomber two had placed his knapsack. and another major development, the white house said it would not designate the suspect an enemy combatant. we will have more on the legal aspect of this coming up later this hour. as of this hour dzhokhar is in serious condition. he is unable to speak because of a gunshot to the throat which we believe was self-inflicted. he's communicating by writing and nodding his head. as authorities move forward in a of in their investigation, tritening information about the radical past of the brothers is in fact emerging. both tamerlan and dzhokhar were born in the former soviet territory and came to the united states almost ten years ago. suspect number 1, the older
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brother, is one who believed to have turned radical first about 2009 and later drawing his younger brother in a secret plot of violence and hatred. they noticed his turn toward islam in the past few years. in addition we are learning that his american wife even converted to islam for him and began wearing traditional muslim gash shortly after and we will have much more on that this hour with ann coulter. we have extremist videos posted on what we believe to be the he would toker brother's youtube channel. and the older brother traveled back to his nature i have russia in 2011 for six months. the trip is apparently under investigation by fbi officials. they never made it into the system because according to lindsay graham, it may have been misspelled. here with us is former l.a. pd
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fact furman and jim emerson. welcome back to hannity. >> thank you. >> mark, you have the right to romaine silent. anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. this is what is infuriating. he's just beginning to communicate. what information does he have? is there an ongoing threat he knows about? is there foreign connections, foreign links we don't know about? are we going to give him miranda rights at this point in time? go ahead. >> it seems like we've got plenty just on face value to actually prosecute him. we don't really need an admission. but to advise him of his miranda rights, we hear that he was advised today of his miranda rights. how did he respond? did he say he wanted to remain silent or did he waive that and he wants to talk without his attorney present? the interesting part about miranda is once you give somebody miranda they say i want to be silent, you cannot
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constantly go back to the well and keep asking them do you want to talk now, do you want to talk now? they have to contact you to make it within miranda. outside of miranda you can say, well, off-the-record, outside of your miranda warnings, things that we can't prosecute you for, will you talk to us for. what's the motivation for him to do that? no death penalty? >> let me go to steve emerson here. we've learned a lot, especially about the older brother, the one that was killed. for example, there is a youtube play list. i'm going to put some of this up on the screen as you are describing this. i want you to explain to everybody what you had discovered almost immediately, and this then raises the question, the fbi that had been warned about this older brother, why didn't they pick up on this? explain some of these things we are putting up on the screen now. >> well, here's a play list that resembles an al-qaeda play list, the best of osama bin
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laden take place but these weren't osama bin laden tapes. they were look-alikes. they were calling not just for jihad for russia against chechnya, there's one like that, but grand global. hatred of jews and christians, referring to christians has those who should be slaughtered. these are among the most radical things i have seen since studying terrorism or john or in 30 years. you see also, sean, how the islamics that he has, it's very charismatic. yet he's calling for killing americans, christians, jews, infidels. >> and he called for marchdom --
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martyrdom of young people. >> we are seeing younger and younger radicalized muslims that assimilated in the west. you look at the average age of those carrying out the london bombings in 2005, it was like is the. here you have a 19-year-old and a 26-year-old. the 19-year-old was brought in by the 26-year-old, but still he started getting radicalized when he was 21. why? >> well, let me play a piece. this is a small snippet of the australian sheik from the hell fire piece which is one of just many that he had on this youtube link of his. let's play a little. >> thrown and thrown and thrown. and it will be -- it will say are there any more? are there any more? >> i mean really hard-core islamic radicalism. that's what you conclude from all of this, steve? >> absolutely. the fact that he posted it is one thing, but he was also
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making statements to friends, he was also making facebook postings that were radical. there are lots of clues here. frankly when you refer to the fbi mistake that they made because of a spelling error, something doesn't ring true there. he was issued a visa, permanent visa to the united states. a u.s. government visa. who misspelled what? you only present that visa on coming back into the united states. how could they have misread the spelling? i don't understand that. >> mark, let me go back to you. one of the more disturbing piece of information is the united states was warned, we are told, from russia, about the radicalism of this older brother. now the question is, why didn't they find what steve was able to find in 20 minutes just look on the web once this brother was identified or follow-up considering it was only just a couple years ago that this warning came in? >> well, it's simple answer, either they didn't look or they looked and they felt that they
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couldn't move on it. sean, you have to look at what the fbi is saying. they admit that they interviewed tamerlan. they admit that. they admit they got the clue from russia. they went out there. they interviewed family members. what did they do with the information? are they trying to tell me that they file information like that that could be later used at the time of the boston bombing or a similar incident that they cannot access at just the touch of a computer data base? and one more thing, sean, how many people do you think in 2011 were contacted in boston at the fbi office about a russian chechnya radical jihadist that is living in boston, check him out? how many do you think was there? maybe one? >> well, don't we have to worry, mark, about an ongoing attack, who financed this, who else might have been involved in
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this? are there foreign links? was he trained but when he took this trip to russia? in other words, could there be another wave of attacks? the daily mail was suggesting today that there might be other cell members in america right now today. >> well, sean, first thing is, if he didn't learn how to build the bombs when he went to russia, then he learned from somebody that was in the united states. there are other people that associated with and knew the radical leanings of both these brothers, and we don't know how much they helped. we don't know what family members are involved. just remember this, last year tamerlan had a 9/11 party. would you have not had liked had all the license plates and photographs from the people who attended that? >> good point. last word steve emerson. >> look, he was obviously, he should have been on the radar screen. they dropped the ball here. no doubt about it. the russians provided e-mails and phone conversations,
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summaries of him calling chechnyaian terrorists. why didn't they follow up? that's a question not answered yet. >> mark, thanks for being with us and steve bank you for being back. we appreciate it. we will continue to follow both angles here. coming up, the senior u.s. official is now confirming that boston was merely the first target of these brothers. we are going to tell you what mainly city they planned to hit next when we return. plus meet katheryn russell. she's the 24-year-old woman who was married to one of terrorists. was she involved and did she know her husband was making bombs inside their massachusetts apartment? and ann coulter is here and she and ann coulter is here and she will respond and much♪ vo:wiplus wireless speaker,rhead bold is the proud sponsor of singing in the shower. [ laughs ] whoo.
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challenge that with olay facial hair removal duos for fine or coarse hair. first a pre-treatment balm then the effective cream. for gentle hair removal at far less than salon prices. there's no place like home. >> welcome back. as the boston marathon bombing deepens, the fbi plans to interview the wife of tamerlan, 24-year-old katheryn russell. she met him in 2010 and converted to islam at his request. she dropped out of college and had his baby who is now three years old. according to reports russell was totally transformed by the suspect. russell's lawyer is working with police on how to move forward and has said that his client did not suspect her husband of anything. we are also learning today boston was pearlly the beginning of the brothers' terrorists spree. according to the new york times a u.s. official confirmed that
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new york city was likely their next target. they learned that information by a motorist that was carjacked by the brothers last week. one of the suspects reportedly told the man they planned to drive to new york city in the coming days. here is our one and only ann coulter. how are you? >> fine. how are you? >> fine. i watch this and now i'm a little concerned because he has his miranda rights, right to remain silent. i think it's a mistake not to treat him as an enemy combatant. the evidence for the trial exists so what's the point? >> why not just shoot up the boat? if we aren't going to talk to him and get any information about the cell, about any foreign influence -- >> what's the point? >> they should have kept shooting when they caught him in the boat. get him in the automatic death penalty there. i totally agree with you. i've seen it happen a million times. lawyers are cowards, you you see them on tv. and no, a civilian trial
9:16 pm
>> i'm not worried about the guilty verdict. that's coming. >> i agree. >> i'm worried about what does he know? >> we need information, exactly. it is national security information. we need to know what russia knew. any that they know what a bangup job they did after the fbi was tipped off by them, are they going to trust us with their information to be presented in a public trial? i understand why reporters want a public trial, a civilian trial. they want to report on what is presented. do they think they are the only ones that will be able to see what is said at a public trial? i want to know about this wife, as well. one thing that's been sort of confusing in the reporting, they say that he married her in 2010. i believe that to be true but they keep saying that he hid her or his girlfriend a year ago. it turns out -- which the father defended as i, according to the new york times , quote, he onliy lightly hit her. no, the person he hit was another girlfriend while he was married to her. i don't care if she knew about
9:17 pm
this. she ought to be in prison for herring a that. it isn't working. they are assimilating us into their culture. did she get a cliterectomy too? >> your point is well-taken. the policy apparently change the at the beginning of this year. we went back to a pre9/11 mentality where the saudis are actually -- they give their own recommendation. they do their vetting for us in terms of who is getting into the country. now if people are coming from countries where perhaps they grew up under that law, they have been radical lied probably. and allowing them into the country without background checks that are exhaustive, it's putting americans at risk. >> right. our immigration policy has nothing to do with helping
9:18 pm
america. it has to do with resolving the internal problems of other countries. we will take the illiterate, low-skilled workers from all the other country,, we will take their old people and put them on our supplement security insurance and medicare. no, immigration policy is supposed to be to make your country better, not to make it worse and to create all those problems. lindsay graham was on some show this weekend saying this shows how we need better racking. i'm thinking this shows how we need better immigrants. >> look, if we don't vet you, why are we letting you in here? someone is going to say that's discriminatory. you know what is not discriminatory? we have a right to discriminate -- >> we are letting people into our country, of course, we do. >> you don't have a right to come to the united states of america. >> and it is not discriminatory based on race t ought to be discriminatory based on skills, based on age, based on resources. and you know, with your pal,
9:19 pm
mario ruin bow -- >> that's marco rubio. >> and doing background checks on $23 million americans the next three months, they can't do a background check on a radical where they are tipped off by russia. >> i don't like to be lied to and the official response by your government today is major hyson was a workplace. hasan was saying that before he shot up and 11 people. >> and he gave a presentation on, you know, how to cut someone's head off. >> you can't convince me these guys may the bombs on their own, finance the them on their own and didn't have help. that means there are other people out there and we aren't getting the information we need from the one that actually survived. >> right, and that's why i agree. i think we ought to look at him as -- >> i would water board him myself. >> we ought to be look at him as
9:20 pm
an enemy combatant and moving him toward a military tribunal. all the supreme court said on that, by the way, it isn't u.s. citizens can't be tried in a military tribunal, it says you get auestion of whether you are an enemy combatant. let's have that hearing. you still get due process. >> and maybe within 30 days they will have an opportunity. >> and if we can't do that because he's an american citizen, i at least want the higher left wing to start referring to fdr exclusively as war criminal fdr because he tried and executed an american citizen who was allied with the nazis in three weeks in a secret hearing with the department of justice. don't act like this is some shocking breach of what is constitutional law. if looks like it is a foreign military operation and not just two nuts committing murder. >> we have a lot to fix as a result of this. i'll say that. >> and it doesn't start with am
9:21 pm
necessity -- with amnesty for 20 million illegals. >> if we enforced the laws we have and secure the border, we wouldn't have the problem. >> and we need to change some of the laws too. how are they being admitted legally? do we need another push cart operator? i think not. sorry danish surgeon we don't have room for you. >> ann coulter, thank for being with us. and coming up tonight on hannity. >> there's no information to suggest the attack was indicative of a broader plot. >> is the obama administration still convinced from the tsarnaev brothers acted alone? pat buchanan debates on that subject. and coming up next the sole surviving suspect in the marathon bombing will not be held as an enemy combatant. we will debate the legal aspects of this
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>> the fbi is investigating this as an act of terrorism and the full force of the federal government will support the response and the investigation. there is no current indication to suggest the attack was indicative of a broader blot. >> not a man-caused disaster or overseas investigation.
9:26 pm
that was the homeland security less than 48 hours declaring the horrific event was not part after broader plot. unfortunately she made that statement without any evidence supporting her claim. we've been reporting the two men responsible for the attack did in fact plan on carrying out more bombings in addition. it's still very much unclear whether or not they had financial and or logistical support from a larger terror network. so why did the administration rush to suggest that this was an isolated incident when they don't have a clue in this particular case, and is the president finally ready it acknowledge it is the truth that we are still fighting a war on terror? joining us is patrick buchanan and the president of the american put together foundation. welcome to the program. seems to me, pat, the verdict is in a little too early. i would like to know what that six-month trip to russia was like, pat. i would like to know, did they make these bombs on their own? some are telling me pretty
9:27 pm
sophisticated for two guys looking it up on google to accomplish that >> the statement seems preposterous. what did the russians know in 2009 when this fellow had been in the united states for six years and had not been in russia for six years? what did they know that we did not know? and what did this older brother do when he went back to dagastan which is revolution, terror and repression. what did he do there for six months? he's a chechen which is right next door to dagastan. then he comes back and he builds these bombs, and he his brother, and they have enough to throw at cars. did his wife not know this? did the friends not know this? did the friends of the younger brother not know he was being radicalized? i don't think we have any answers at all. >> now he has the right to remain silent you have and i went back and forth on this, and
9:28 pm
i keep sayings, and you said the muslim brother would never come to power in egypt. they came to power. you told me radicalism is on the decline. it is not on the decline. the numbers buying into the rid cal notion of islam, jihad, holy war, in god's name, virgins waiting them in heaven, these numbers are great and they are at war with us. tell me where i'm wrong here. >> well, sean, i think you are right in so many ways, but the increase in radicalism is simultaneously increased with moderation. there's a lot more people talking moderation now than ever before." >> there is an international check and balance systems. >> wait a minute, our own government, this administration wouldn't say the word "war on terror." they wouldn't acknowledge it for
9:29 pm
a long time. man-caused disasters, overseas contingency operations. to this day our government's adjectives to describe what happened at fort hood is workplace violence. people seem afraid to call out radical muslims for what they are, radicals and terrorists. >> let me answer mike here. since 9/11 al-qaeda is no longer in one or two countries, it's in eight or ten. christians in egypt, the christians in iraq are under attack. christians in northern nigeria are under attack. the southern philippines, the northern caucasus. the whole islamic world is aflame. that does not mean every member of the islam make faith is a radical or anti-american or a hater in any way. but the numbers have grown enormously. that entire region from all the way from africa all the way over to afghanistan and beyond is
9:30 pm
aflame. >> i do agree part of your statement. proportionately the radicalization has gone on, but more than that the moderation has increased. people are condemning radicalism. you heard muslims, jointly, voids, condemning radicalizations, condemning -- >> are they condemning the fact that christians are being purged from the middle east? there are 17 million in iran? they have been driven out of that region. >> absolutely. if you look at the war -- on the internet. muslims are standing up against radicalization. >> why can't they stop it? why can't they stop it in that region? >> you are telling me as if they can stop murders who murdered 3300 americans in the last four
9:31 pm
months. we can't stop them. >> pat, you mentioned all the areas of the world, and north africa, middle east, we saw it happen in egypt, we see what is happening in syria, what is happening in the spread of influence and iran fighting proxy wars everywhere. are we going to look back at history and view this era, this time, this moment we live in as the rise of radical islamists? >> i believe you are exactly right, sean. what we are seeing is the rise or the resurrection of islam. it is growing. the great objective of islam in that part of the world, and again not everybody is involved, is to drive out the foreigners. the christians, the jews, the americans, the so-called imperialists out of what they believe is the islamic world and gradually moving into western europe and the other places. they have one god but ahla, the true believers and that is the god they are following to create
9:32 pm
the great islamic world. i believe this century is going to see this unfold. >> i think you are right, unfortunately, and i think we need more voices like mike ghouse. mike, the voices are too few, i would argue, and i think people in the islamic community, in the muslim world, are intimidated by the radical voices which are far louder. and your religion is being hijacked before your very eyes. >> it is, but these guys, the majority is rising, the muslims are rising and the radicalization is going to go down. >> i pray you are right. thank you both. coming up tonight,. he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will prosecute him through our civilian system of justice. >> that is raising very serious questions about the administration's handling of the attack. it's a heated hannity debate on
9:33 pm
the bombing suspect was given miranda rights earlier this evening. that topic is coming up next. we always want to hear from you, log on to our site. it's hannitylive. we want to hear from you. we want to hear from you. go to copd makes it hard to breathe... but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪
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>> some senate republicans lastly, jay, are saying the boston suspects should be treated like an enemy combatant. is that something that you guys have looked at? or maybe -- >> he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice under u.s. law united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions. and that was white house chief propagandist jay carney stating why the administration will not treat the bombing suspect as an enemy combatant.
9:38 pm
lindsey graham explained why this is a bad idea -- >> watch this. >> i believe such a decision is premature. it is impossible for us to gather the evidence in just a few days to determine whether or not this individual should be held for requesting under the law of war. the decision by the obama administration to try this person in federal court isd dect decision. military commission trials are not available in cases like this. there is ample evidence here on the criminal side. a first-year law student could prosecute this case. what i'm word about is what does this individual know about future attacks or terrorist organizations that may be in our midst? >> exactly. that's the point i've been make. joining me to debate this from the american law of justice, former justice department
9:39 pm
prosecute, mr. goldman is with us. there is enough evidence. this is not about prosecuting this guy at this point. this is about what does he know, who is financing, who is connecting, who else may be involved. is this an ongoing terror plot? are there other cells that are out there and are there any foreign links? this guy ought to be right now be interrogated in a very intense way. >> right. and the problem that we've got here is there is this confusion out there that somehow he is declared, which the president is not going to do, to try him as an enemy combatant, he doesn't get a civilian trial. of course he does. senator graham said what would have been the case if he was declared an enemy combatant, and if he thought it was en unjust. it would have given us intelligence on a much deeper level. here's the issue. i've worked with the justice department and the treasury and
9:40 pm
i have a lot of respect for the agencies and the fbi. but here's the question. are we worried about prosecution wishes is an easy case here, or are we worried about intelligence gathering? if we are worried about intelligence gathering, to mirandize and move so quickly in this format is a mistake. >> is this an act of terror or a criminal act? >> both. it's clearly an act of terror. >> if it's an act of terror i assume that they are right, a first-year law student could prosecute it successfully, then we really need to know who else is involved here? where did the training come from? what are the targets out there? are there any foreign links. aren't those questions we need to answer? >> i think they are. >> but he has the right to remain silent so we aren't going to get answers, are we? >> this guy would have the right to remain silent under any circumstance, whether was he a foreigner and tried in a military commission -- sorry?
9:41 pm
>> i think this he can make him talk. i have confidence in our ability to make people talk. >> even an enemy combatant, sean, we aren't going to water board this guy. we don't do that anymore. the question is do we mirandize him or don't we? >> that's a mistake, too. we wouldn't have gotten bin laden without waterboarding, would we? >> that's a different question, whether or not torture is -- >> i don't view it as torture. >> wait. >> gave us the intelligence to get bin laden. >> the justice department -- we have no choice here, sean. they had no choice. >> no, they could have -- they could have -- >> with due respect, they could have treated him as an enemy combatant that doesn't prohibit trial in a civilian court system, it just gives us time to investigate. as sean just said we don't know how deep it is. they had a lot of explosives. how were they living the way they were living the last years without any notable source of income? what were they doing when they
9:42 pm
went back to russia or chechnya? those are questions -- >> tell me one thing they could have done -- they could have done if they designated an enemy combatant that they can't do now? one thing? the only difference is miranda. >> wait a minute. of the only difference -- that's a big difference. >> you know that's not correct. >> you tell me what they could have done. tell me what they could have done. >> as soon as he gets any lawyer he's not going to talk. >> he will stop speaking. >> hold it. >> hold it. >> you know this, you prosecuted this kind of situation. not exactly with an enemy combatant but you prosecuted successfully and we owa debt of gratitude for that. but the entire investigatory process stops. it changes. not just miranda. it's miranda, it's the engagement of lawyers and it's an entirely different scenario. do you think we will have trouble prosecuting this guy? >> of course not. we don't need his confession. >> why didn't we wait?
9:43 pm
>> wait, wait. >> that would have been completely lawless. don't blame the justice department -- >> wait, you just said it was an act of terror. >> of course. >> and a crime. >> and you can still prosecute later, but in the meantime before you offer miranda rights, get some of america's best interrogators in there and you find out what this guy knows. is he connected to a larger cell? are there pending attacks? are there foreign links? where did the training come from? how did you learn to make the bombs? basic simple questions this we need to know because the safety and security of the american people in this case i think are paramount. >> sean, do you know who gave him his miranda rights? >> i don't know exactly who but we were told he was. >> a federal judge, a magistrate judge at a rule 5 hearing in the hospital. >> we didn't have to do that. >> that's not a decision the department of justice made. when there's a rule 5 hearing -- >> it informs the defendant of
9:44 pm
his rights, including right to remain silent. >> let me finish. let me finish. >> even if you started talking mirandizing, you can be salep. >> jay, the very thing that was cited -- he wasn't mirandizeed originally. that could have stayed. >> of course not. >> that's my point. >> the public safety exception. >> the public safety exception -- >> because they wanted to gather information. this is information gathering stage. let me explain one thing, the law is really clear because lindsay graham wrote the law. what he said is correct. you can declare him an enemy combatant and he will still be tried in a criminal proceeding in a civilian court system because that's what the law is. that has nothing to do with enemy combatant status. nothing. that's what they are trying do here. >> and that is not what that statute says. >> lindsey graham wrote the law and has been -- you are incorrect. you can be an anen combatant -- >> what he wrote was only aliens can be tried --
9:45 pm
>> no, that's not correct. >> guys we have to run. >> you are incorrect. >> coming up tonight, we have a special hannity tribute to the great city of boston and the victims of last more than's horrific atank but first should torture be used to extract information from the bombing suspect? some are here to defend that statement. that and more coming up straight ahead. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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>> over the weekend new york senator grayling bohl got in trouble with his statement. he post add tweet, blank ex-playtive number two is in custody. who wouldn't use torture on this punk to save more lives. joining me now, new york state senator greg ball. >> how are you? >> fine. i don't believe it is torture. we only water board three people and it was done under very strict guidelines, very limited amount of times, medical supervision was there. everyone forgets that part of it
9:50 pm
and said we tortured, tortured. but enhance interrogation, sleep deprivation -- >> that's right, they train. you are saying more enhanced interrogation? >> this is what i said. even allen, what a great name, but he even grease to the ticking bomb theory that if you can save innocent american lives had those instance that is chosen chanced tactics are indeed -- would be called for and could be used. this is -- a lot of politicians are full of crap. they refuse to say what they really believe because if i say what i really believe i may not get re-elected again. maybe this isn't a good part of my re-election strategy but it's from my heart. if we can save an innocent american life. >> we need to know what he knows. >> right. >> i'm angry about the mirandizeing that went on here. let me give you an example. i was watching last week and
9:51 pm
there was a period of time everyone in watertown was called, go in your house and close your doors. i lived in rhode island for five years of my life and every time i go into massachusetts, mandatory one year jail sentence if you have a gun. most people in watertown, i would tell you, because gun laws are so strict, they don't have guns. they are told to go into their homes, there's a terrorist with bombs and guns walking around your neighborhood, i'm thinking you are a sitting duck. >> sean, it's really scary if you look what is happening in politics today. i think people from various sides of the spectrum of looking at it. we need 30 second responses. if you look at the legislation that's passed -- >> if i was locked in my house, i have seven bullets in any gun. >> gun legislation is get being rammed done our throats. we law enforcement people know criminals, the new york stock exchanges and other private security guards have been turned into criminals. >> listen to dianne feinstein on this issue. what are the poor people supposed to do? there's a terrorist on your
9:52 pm
yard, in your neighborhood, just don't come out of your house. >> would people like to have had guns? >> some may have, yes. but if where you are going is do they need aassault weapon, i don't think so. >> shouldn't they have the right to decide whatever weapon they feel they need to protect themselves? >> how about a machine gun then? we did away with machine guns because of how they are used. i think we should do away with assault weapons because of how they are used. >> semiautomatics, that's the most popular rifle in america. >> you can use a 12 gauge shotgun and have a good defensive effect and there's the element of surprise. now you've got police all over the place in watertown. so i don't really think that this is applicable. i think there are people that want to make this argument. >> she is clueless. she is clueless! >> for a u.s. senator to compare the effectiveness of a modern
9:53 pm
sporting rifle to a shotgun shows she's a complete idiot on this issue. she doesn't know the back end after white tailed deal from -- >> she ought to take a look on youtube of some people shooting shot guns, and right back. and boom! you don't have that kick. >> i wouldn't want to protect myself with only a 12 gauge shotgun. >> i have to get out of new york. only 7 bullets in any gun. this state is taking people's rights away left and right. these guys, i want them found as you do. i think this was a big mistake we made tonight. >> sean, it's scary where this country is going. i hope good americans use this as a wake-up call and realize if this is the new norm we better wake up. >> senator, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. coming up on this, the one week anniversary of the boston marathon bombing, we will close with a special hannity tribute
9:54 pm
to that great city and the victims of that horrific attack. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro.
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now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> today marks one week since the city of boston was ravaged. since then we've seen what this country is made of as people all across the country came together to help their fellow citizens. tonight we close the show with a look at how people have remembered the victims of the marathon bombings. let's take a look. >> friday, as our police department reported to the world that we got him, the huge sigh of relief was felt across our great city and nation.
9:59 pm
♪. >> you want to let boston know that we send our prayers to them. boston will rise and run

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